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Before you replace the wiper blades, though, try wiping them clean with a damp cloth and make sure the wiper arm isn't bent or broken and that the blade sits snugly on the glass. Sometimes just lifting the arm off the glass and letting it snap back into place will make the blades seat more snugly on the glass and work better.


wipersJust the task of replacing your windshield wipers and be a tricky one. Models vary and if you do not properly install your windshield wipers, they can fall off at any time.One of the things we overlook the most with our vehicles are the windshield wipers. We rarely think about replaceing them, that they ware down to the point were the arm starts scratching the windshield. This causes your winshield to get scratched, forceing you to spend time and more money to have the scratch buffed out. Sometimes the scratch is too deep and the windsield has to be replaced.

wiper_installerAuto Glass Repair in Miami CAG has the solution for you. If one of are technicians are serviceing your vehicle, they will gladly inspect the condition of your wipers upon request. If they need to be replaced, we'll replace your wipers and refill your wiper fliud. As always Auto Glass Repair In Miami CAG is there for you for all of your auto glass and windshield accessories.